The Extremities

The Extremities
“Live at The Music Room”:

On Saturday afternoon of the the 2010 Halifax Pop Explosion, The Extremities took their special sauce of hot funk beats, left-brained samples, and smooth running banter to the “Live at The Music Room” stage. One of the most intimate shows of the HPX weekend The Extremities took the LATMR audience on a 2 hour adventure that is not to be forgotten.

The Extremities Bio:
As the Extremities, Halifax hiphop heroes Uncle Fester and (Fresh) Kils deliver a dynamic, soul-drenched album of material remixed from Tonic, a jazz record performed by east coast jazz giants Doug Riley, Chris Mitchell, Jamie Gatti and Dave Burton. Featuring guest artists Kaleb Simmonds, Fiz, Jorun, and Ghettosocks, “The New Tonic (CBC Remix Sessions)” traverses both genres and generations with slick production and a live feel.

Accompanied by both emcee’s and live musicians featured on the record, Uncle Fester and (Fresh) Kils bring a truly unique blend of live recordings, gnarly laptop sounds and dusty sample-laden beats to the stage. Having already shared the stage with the likes of the Herbaliser and Afrika Bambaataa, as well as enjoying a successful showcase at last year’s Atlantic Jazzfest, their stock is on the rise. With nods from both jazz and hiphop communities at large, the Extremities are poised for a Canadian sound system takeover. You’ve been warned…