Steve Gates

Steve Gates
May 18th, 2010

1. Hello Jesus
2. Lost Balloons
3. Gone, Gone, Gone
4. This Knight He Works For You
5. Keepin` People Out By Keepin’ People In
6. Five White Tigers
7. Houses
8. We Are America
9. Lullaby
10. It`s Bad

Steve Gates “Live at The Music Room”:
Two weeks after Acres & Acres, one of Canada’s finest song writers played to a full house. Gates was magic, and made his home town of New Ross proud. This show has new Steve Gates tunes, as well as some of the Caledonia back catalogue. Another amazing show.

Steve Gates Bio:

What’s in the water back East? Steve Gates is yet another singer-songwriter living in Halifax, and making absolutely stunning records. His new one, “A Bee in Her Mouth,” was produced by Dan Critchley (Elliott BROOD, Dan Mangan), and sees Gates joined by Maritime heroes Jenn Grant, Dan Ledwell and Rose Cousins.

Gates’ day job is as a social support worker – a job that’s taken him all the way up to Watson Lake – so he knows sorrow, and knows redemption too. It’s no surprise, therefore, that this new album is sensitive, tasteful and true. We hear echoes of Tweedy, Cohen and Lanois in the tunes, and are eager to get to know Steve Gates.