Acres & Acres

Acres & Acres
May 4th, discount 2010

1. You Never Know
2. Money
3. Appleseed
4. Mayday
5. From a Forest
6. Dirty Dog
7. All the Pieces
8. Port Song
9. Product Placement
10. Polar Bear Song

Acres & Acres “Live at The Music Room”:
Acres & Acres played the inaugural “Live at The Music Room” show on a damp night in early May. Running through material from their first record (and then an old Down With The Butterfly track), letting the audience get their heads around the depth of the material. This show was amazing and was a special way to start the series.

Acres & Acres Bio:
On a sunny day in May 2008, Kris Pope and Dave Scholten had each finished their Steve O Reno’s coffee and were sitting on the concrete wall behind the library. Images of rusty farm machinery and abandoned barns filled their heads as they searched for a name to represent those images and the music they had been playing. One of them said “Acres”, the other one said “and Acres”, and in the same way that they write a song, or a good friend finishes a sentence, Acres and Acres was born.

After 3 years of heavy touring with ECMA Nominated art rock band Down with the Butterfly, Kris and Dave found themselves obsessed with the values of simplicity and realism. More and more of the songs they were writing seemed to need a stripped down approach to properly tell the story. Inspired by the feel of Neil Young’s Harvest album, and guided by an approach not unlike the Cowboy Junkies’ Trinity Sessions, they headed into the studio.